Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More conversations with Nicolai

We continued our Thanksgiving exchange:

TAO: Did you grandfather or father serve in WWI? It seems to be a possibility. My, your family seems to have immigrated back and forth quite a bit!

NICOLAI: My grandfather met my grandmother in germany. After they married, the nazis blackmailed him to become a soldier. Though he still didn't give up his U.S. Citizenship, they obviously forced him to cave in. They sent him to Siberia, Russia where he was killed.

TAO: I am sorry to hear about your Grandmother's cult involvement. If I may ask, what was the name of this cult? What effect did her involvement have on the rest of your family? I assume that this grandmother was on the other side of the family from the grandfather mentioned before, as one seem to be still in Germany while the other was in Chicago? Or maybe I have become confused!

NICOLAI: They call it "Neuapostolische Kirche" which is apparently also huge in U.S. , called NAC. They're also huge in Africa, Asia and India, with altogether 7.5 million members.

TAO: It is nice to see you are supported by your "significant other", as they say these days.
But that is an alarming amount of profiles! How does she keep them straight?

NICOLAI: This is obviously a question i cannot answer for her. The risk of multiple personality misorder is plausible. My family is getting sabotage since we're together, I consider this as part of a psyOP which is arranged to break us apart of weakening the political discourse.

TAO: Regarding Chance 2000: at the time you worked closely with Martin Kinnen. What is he doing these days? Is he still in activism?

NICOLAI: I'm not sure. I spoke with him maybe 1 year ago. I think he's still in germany and not really involved in "activism", since we also both considered Chance2000 more as an art experiment, also mocking the idea of a false opposition or also a cult. He likes to travel a lot worldwide. He's also a conspiracy researcher and knows a lot of stuff, still reflecting as far as i know.

TAO: What would you say is the best evidence for TV fakery? I must admit I am not convinced. Where would you send someone to learn more?

NICOLAI: The best evidence to start with it is actually the logical evidence , analysing the conflicting visual trajectories and characteristica of the CGI aircraft silhouettes.

Then there is the visual evidence itself, including all other discrepancies. The best compilations of all evidence are available in projects like "September
Clues", "2001 A Fake Odyssey", "911 Taboo" or the series of "9/11 Octopus". In my charts at either or i
present at least 100+ producers over the last few months, who presented many details to back up that evidence. The support of the audience is meanwhile in 6 digit numbers, including promoters and other video editors, mirroring stuff.

TAO: What do you consider the greatest liability to the 911 Truth Movement?

NICOLAI: Not to shut arguments or evidence they cannot follow. Not to oppose other psyOPs, which infiltrated this doublethink movement, which turned it itself to a cult, among them newage pseudo spiritual OPs , green Revolution scams and other Cult mindOps.

TAO: What was the last book you read?

NICOLAI: I don't really have the time or patience to read books in years, though i grew up with tons of them. Maybe i read through half of older Alex Constantine Books some months ago.

TAO: I have noticed in my research that you have many people who, to put it lightly, do not like you. You seem to be the focus of many attacks by other 9/11 activists. Does this make you feel discouraged in anyway?

NICOLAI: Temporarily yes, but i guess that cannot be avoided.

TAO: If I haven't said already, you should tell me if there is something you'd prefer not to share with my readers. I am planning to use this material in a
future piece that I hope you will also appreciate.

NICOLAI: do whatever you think, with my answers. I hope they're not taken out of context.

TAO: Thank you again.

This gives us insight into the character of Nicolai, his past and what he has made of himself today: a living iconoclast in the midst of cultural zeitgeist. Between the disturbance of family cult involvement and sad results of Nazi conscription, a certain grimness always hovered in the background of the young Nicolai's mind. A grimness that made seeking and seeing unpleasant truths easier than for some.

But I cannot say I'm convinced that video tampering with the footage of the September 11th attacks is as compelling as our Nicolai is convinced. The sheer magnitude of tampering with every live feed on that day presents a logistical quandary not easily surmounted. It would be more likely that live feeds of damming evidence would be cut during broadcast with apologies to appears to have been done during the BBC coverage of the attacks, minutes before the Solomon Brothers building, more generally known as WTC 7, collapsed. This problem there, of course, is that the anchor has already reported it's collapse, whilst the building still stood behind her.

So the question is, if the ability to manipulate live video footage was used on 9/11 to hide the nature of what hit the towers, then why was that same technology not used five hours later to hide the gaff of reporting the collapse of a building that still stood? It certainly would be less suspicious than cutting the broadcast.

I will leave these questions to those who are expert in these matters. Again we thank Nicolai for his contributions and look forward to his insights in future conversations.

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