Friday, November 16, 2007

9/11 Visibility at Ground Zero

Let's take a break from the nostalgia of the Nicolai's past and come forward in history to review some of his finer battles.

On January 3rd of 2004, in the first chill week of the new year, Nicolai joined the 9/11 Visibility campaign to reclaim Ground Zero, as 911 sceptic activists refer to the place where the remains of World Trade centers 1, 2 and 7 once rested. With Geoffrey Blank, he held a rather eye catching sign that would be impossible to miss:

And it certainly was not the local constabulary. The joys of the day were not to come without price, nor were the participants to leave unscathed:

Right at the very start, Jeff Blank was physically grabbed and forced backwards away from the front of the World Trade Center Path Station, and tossed across the street for merely holding a sign. Jeff is a professional resistor of fascism, he heads the “Stop the Police State Coalition”; Lyn Stewart is his defense attorney. Jeff created our sign, and has been promoting this message in NYC for months. Nico Haupt held the banner with Jeff, and as the police forcibly moved them, Nico briefly grabbed onto a street pole in resistance.

But this too, was to pass, another minor tempest in the greater storm of activism, as protesters were to find commonality with the constabulary:

Certainly this is no surprise that our Nicolai was involved with such events. Like a moth drawn to the flame, Nicolai is drawn to the center of whatever political turbulence is the zeitgeist of the day. Almost four years after these events, one is left to wonder: What maelstrom will Nicolai find himself at the center of this coming New Year?

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