Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Nicolai throughout the years...

1/05/96: the young, hopeful idealist...

9/09/96: He makes work his fun...even parties....

A candid relaxed moment...

10/31/03: No longer a callow youth, he find himself among kindred spirits...

Enigmatic, yet still humble...

9/11/06: our seasoned "street warrior", much as he looks today...

...yet not as troubled as he would become a year later.


Anonymous said...

still nice job here ;

Some additional notes:
first picture also shows me preparing my "Netzkraut Netjockey Nights", also same 'german title' with english language.
("Netzkraut" is mocking the german word sauerkraut combined with the Internet)

I basically introduced all 'web1.0 tools' at some
parties combined with some music and videos which is close to the mashup stuff we're doing now...

Second and third pics should be from some public cyber events at "ZAKK" Dusseldorf (hey Psychic TV and Genesis P Orridge used to play there from NYC ;) and "Clipper", a video VHS magazine i almost worked for 10 years as well .

Ironically i just met two weeks ago a former buddy of mine from Clipper at a subway station. He finally
turned into a professional magician but didn't know
William Rodriguez. No time to chat more about tv
fakery ;

The text on my hat next to Sander Hicks says
"It's a beautiful day. Now watch some Bastard fuck it up"

This was at the opening of Sander Hicks new company which later turned into his bookstore i think. At the opening also ex-CIA Leutlrell Osbourne, who tried to recruit more people ;

Last picture done by a friend at the 2006 anniversary with my white "Planehuggers did 9/11" T Shirt. It ended up on his flickr account.

TAO said...

Thank you very much for visiting, Nicolai. I confess I wonder if it is indeed you; your profile is not visible. But you do seem to know enough about yourself that I feel it is safe to assume so for now.

If I may ask, do you miss Dusseldorf? It seems to be a place where you put much of yourself into; some might say the place that "made you the man you are today". Do you find time to visit? Or is that chapter in your life closed?

Anonymous said...

Nope, i only miss sometimes the german beer, cheese and mustard, but occasionally i find it in NYC ;

The IP should link to my older blogs, if that helps but gmail is buggy lately, i also prefer to log in at my other archive "911subscriber", which is less stressful;

I also stayed in Berlin for a short while and lived many years in Cologne.
Duesseldorf was very important. Soccer, Girls, too many parties and my radio show which i did for almost 10 years; I also formed my humor over there.

Nice to see maybe 10% of my life presented here, coz there is much more, also eccentric stuff ;

Since i don't wanna influence you, i hope you find it ;

TAO said...


But you have influenced me already! :)

Thank you for indulging me. You must be at nature a cosmopolitan soul, at ease in any country or culture.

Your family must be very impressed, if not with the topic of your research, then at least with your fame. You are a household word among a certain population!

Would you be interested in an email intereview about your history and contributions to the 9/11 Research community over the next couple of weeks?

Or we may chat here in the comments as you wish.

Email me at your pleasure:

taoistheway10 (AT) yahoo (DOT) co (DOT)uk

And thank you for commenting on my humble blog.