Monday, October 22, 2007

Netzkraut RadioShow

Netzkraut literally translates as "net herb", perhaps "net weed", and all the colorful associations that evokes. It's a somewhat whimsical name to chose for a radio show. But, as we have seen before, calling our friend Nicolai "whimsical" would be an understatement.

The Netzkraut RadioShow aired from 1989 to 1999 and had Nicolai's unique mix of of irreverence, madness and creativity as can be seen in this playlist from 1997:

Place & Time: Düsselwelle, SA. 07.06.97 ,19h-21h 104,2 mhz Kabel: 94, 45
  1. Zulutronic-Farma Cörc Mission Zulu One
  2. Panacea-Untitled Chrome LP9/Force Inc.
  3. Stella-Tomorrow I'll be perfect RTD/Lado 14012-7
  4. Boonaras-Yes I do/My boy Thunderbaby Rec./THB011
  5. Squarepusher-Fat controller RTD 126.3268.2 LC5661
  6. Forever Sweet-A1 Ladomat CD2050-2 LC3515
  7. Merzbow-The ecstasy of gold Fuseetron/Stuart 4532
  8. Starseeds-Parallel life (JuJu d&b mix) Millenium Rec035 LC2323
  9. Boonaras-Yes I do/My boy Thunderbaby Rec./THB011
  10. Alex Gopher-Super Disco (aus "Etienne de Crecy pres: Super Discounte") RTD 375.0702.2 PC43 LC7800
  11. Stereo Total-Schön von hinten (Sons of 68 mix) Bungalow014 LC2801
  12. Panacea-Shiver Chrome LP9/Force Inc.
  13. Unit Moebius-#6 kkRec157
  14. Scheibenreiter-Baseball
  15. Mouse on Mars/Laetitia Sadier-Cache coeur naif RTD195.3283.3 LC5661
  16. Impulse-Heavy breath-Rootpowder & BolzBolz Mix K7R010EP
  17. Kante Gospel Kitty-yo int./indigo 7353-2 published by Stewardess LC 2816
  18. Optical-Raging calm Metalheadz M027
  19. Andreas Dorau-Das Mädchen auf dem Foto Elektro Motor 531171-2 LC4909
prod. by Düsselwelle Radiowerkstatt; broadcasted via Antenne Düsselwelle; authored by Nico Haupt

Another piece of the enigmatic puzzle falls into place, another clue to understanding the origins of the troubled genius Nicolai Haupt.

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