Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nico Haupt--the Albatross of 9/11 Truth?

Love him or hate him, Nico Haupt has left his mark on the Truth movement for posterity, for better or for worse. Few 9/11 activists are unaware of his antics: his insistent promotion of "no planes" and Video fakery, his attacks on other Truthers who don't agree with him--which is the bulk of the movement, and his obsession with Urantia and other alleged cults within the Truth movement, real or imagined.

But who is this man and how did he get to such a prominent place of fame, rather "infamy", in the Truth movement?

That will be the subject of this blog, a fascinating look into the behind the senses workings of a pariah in the making, as we record our research into this extrodinary man. These facts are known at this date, however:

Nico Haupt, born Nicolai A. Haupt, immigrated from Germany in 2000 to work for Josh Harris, the founder of and Jupiter Communications, in New York City.

Josh Harris himself is a rather colorful figure, making a name for himself not only as a dot com entrepreneur, but, through a Jupiter subsidary that was to eventually be renamed psuedo, he also made a name for himself as a host of some bacchanal revelries. Clearly this was a man who was not afraid to take risks, in his personal or public life. In fact, he had at one point gone to extraordinary lengths to make his personal life as public as possible when he set up

That Nico would fall in with a fellow eccentric soul is hardly surprising. But did he have any inkling of what was in store for him when he came to the States? Almost a year later would come the 9/11 attacks,a catalyst that would thrust the German emigre into the beginnings of the 9/11 Truth Movement. And, while many Stateside see Nico as a kind of Trojan Horse...claiming to be a 9/11 activist, but then shocking the world with positions no 9/11 activists takes seriously...continental observers are quite sceptical of the of his stated positions. Sven T at Mosaik911 speculates on Nico's true purpose:

Und jetzt lass mich raten:
2003 war Haupt noch "echter" Skeptiker, denn immerhin wurde er ja vom seriösen Wisnewski zitiert ODER er war schon 2003 Desinformant, weil er vom bösen Mainstream-WDR zitiert wurde.

Certainly the stories he used to write, like this, are a far cry from the TV-video fakery he peddles these days:

UQ Wire: Tracking All Hijackers (LIHOP Series)

Unanswered Questions: Thinking For Ourselves
Presented by…

Tracking All Hijackers (LIHOP Series)

From forthcoming "911Skeptics Unite! -the encyclopedia"
- now up in a preview at
See also… UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!
By Nico Haupt

Truther? Sceptic? Sceptic pretending to be Truther? Or does he have another angle? Just what is Nicolai Haupt's game?

We hope to answer that and other questions and we explore the extraordinary past of self acclaimed Truthling sceptic Nico Haupt.

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Anonymous said...

Whether u disagree with Nico or not, he does a great service in his own research, and in his generosity to others.

And there is another 9/11 truth besides that of the official unofficial story, Loose change: